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Optimize Your Search Engine Rankings At BackLinkMafia we are proficient at providing quality Manual Link Building Services 
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Manual Link Building Services

Our professional SEO Company offers wallet friendly plans and pricing for any online business searching for benefits of natural traffic boost. Engaging our SEO services you let us guarantee noticeable improvements in SERPs and visible difference in the increase of traffic to your website. If you are an online business owner, taking advantage of any of the following services we offer will effectively optimize your search engine rankings:

Building Blogs. Blog marketing is a significant aspect of any link building strategy and considered as one of the most effective approaches to traffic generation. Undeniably, search engines are attracted to blogs for many reasons, that is why our Blog Marketing encompasses building and maintaining blogs, as well as ‘do follow’ blog commenting on the most popular and sought out blogs on the web.

Blog Comments. Our link building experts know how to accurately post quality comments to any blog on the internet. Posting comments has been proven to be one of the most efficient ways to get quality, ‘do follow,’ and high PR links.

Profiles. We are experts in crafting social media profiles on diverse and popular web-platforms. Some of which are considered to be the most influential sites on the internet today. Such type of link building is commonly referred to as instrumental in improving keyword rankings.

Directory submissions. Taking into account that there is a plethora of directories out there, it can be difficult to define which ones will be the most beneficial for you. BacklinkMafia's link building team is dexterous in weeding out the tares from the grain for your link building goals and objectives.

Social bookmarking. Our experts also mastered equally good social bookmarking sites as a referral tool. They have extensive knowledge and experience in conquering numerous social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, and countless others. Using these shared resources is a creative and beneficial way to multiply the number of visitors to your website.

Other. Additionally, we offer other link building types, such as wiki, edu, articles and more, depending on the link building package of your choice.

One of the most distinguishing aspects of our services is that we take it as the main rule to manually visit each site we link to you from and get only relevant links. What sets our company apart from the rest is that we recognize that improper use of automated software can be devastating to a website's rankings and we prefer a more secure dependable means to operate by.

Best for young sites For medium and high competition niche websites For high competition niches and companies looking for fast result

50 Backlinks
Offered link types:
Social Bookmarking, Directories, Blog Comments

PR of resources 0-2

Duration - 15 days

Detailed report

100 Backlinks
Offered link types:
Social Bookmarking, Directories, Blog Comments + Wiki, Authority

PR of resources 0-4

Duration - 20 days

Detailed report

200 Backlinks
Offered link types:
Social Bookmarking, Directories, Blog Comments, Wiki, Authority +Articles, Press Releases, Posts on 3rd party blogs, .EDU websites

PR of resources 0-7

Duration - 30 days

Detailed report

$ 75

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$ 249

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$ 499

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Why not get the most out of your online business? With the variety and number of online businesses on the web today it would be beneficial for any business owner to take advantage of the services backlinkmafia offers. If you are looking for a link building service to optimize your rankings in search engines with quality backlinks, is one of the most reliable and effective link building services in the industry.

Why we're the first

All of our links are built MANUALLY. We never use automated software.

We maintain countless internet projects that prevail on Google’s top 10 list.

We have a diverse and extensive database of more than 100,000 live distinctively unique links.

We offer a guarantee of 100% satifaction, otherwise, we will refund your money.

What our clients say?

“I had no idea creating backlinks would generate the amount of traffic I now have to my website. Every business owner can benefit from the service backlinkmafia provides.”

- William J., designer

“Manual built backlinks are definitely the way to go! I had tried automated software and it did nothing for my site rankings. This service understands the importance of building high rankings in major search engines. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to become successful in their online business”

- WhiteSeo2002, SE Optimizator

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